About Us

"We are a single source of quality advice for all your financial needs."

We are an experienced advisory firm small enough to be able to provide you with the highest level of personalised service and yet large enough to have the breadth and depth of skills and specialist networks to provide quality advice. Our client’s testimony to our long term relationship based approach, with many having grown with us many years.

Our holistic approach to your financial objectives can only be achieved with the experience of specialists in Finance, Wealth Management & Business Advisory Services.


The Edge Group

We believe that all people can and deserve to achieve their financial goals if they have the correct guidance, strategic advice, mentoring - and a little desire.

One of the biggest barriers to being successful, that you and your family will face today, is if your Professional Advisers are not all working together towards your goals, with the same clarity and beliefs, and in unison. Your time is too short and valuable to be trying to co-ordinate your different Advisors such as Lending, Accounting, Financial Planning, Insurance and Legal teams. Edge Specialist Advice Network is the formation of Specialist Professional Advisors and services, that work together collaboratively to ensure our clients are given the best possible chance of achieving their goals for themselves, their families and their businesses

Our Philosophy 

"In this new modern world there are many challenges such as changing legislation, uncertainty and market volatility." "The traditional model from individual industry providers, such as Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, General Insurance brokers, Accountants and Lawyers is broken."

Our philosophy is that to be successful in this world all people need a plan to be safe and protected, an ongoing plan to be secure and comfortable, and a plan to invest and be wealthy. 

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Our History 

Edge Specialist Advice Network was created in 2012 to merge existing Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking Advice businesses together with aligned specialists such as Accountancy, Business Advisers, General Insurance Experts and Specialist Legal Professionals.

Scott Butler is the founding member of the Edge Specialist Advice Network. After years in the Commercial Real Estate & Construction Industry, Scott began his career in adult education, investment mentoring, and strategic financing advice in March 2006. 

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