Our History

Edge Specialist Advice Network was created in 2012 to merge existing Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking Advice businesses together with aligned specialists such as Accountancy, Business Advisers, General Insurance Experts and Specialist Legal Professionals.

Scott Butler is the founding member of the Edge Specialist Advice Network. After years in the Commercial Real Estate & Construction Industry, Scott began his career in adult education, investment mentoring, and strategic financing advice in March 2006. 

After years of recognising the lack of truly specific & holistic guidance and advice in the wealth creation and adult education industry, Scott set about forming the boutique Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking businesses; Edge (Aust) Financial Services & Edge (Aust) Lending Solutions in 2008. "This was really because we felt that the client experience and advice was often too concentrated in one area. For example, traditional Financial Advisers would always focus and recommend share portfolio's, whereas people aligned to the property industry would always focus and recommend real estate as the only wealth creation tool", says Butler. "Too often the recommendations from these Advisers were aligned with their remuneration, or their lack of education for other strategies." 

Expanding on this desire for a truly holistic service to his clients led Scott to seek out specialist Accountants, Lawyers, Business Advisors & General Insurance Agents to work under the aligned banner of Edge Specialist Advice Network. "I wanted to make sure that we could provide outstanding advice that covered all areas of investment asset classes, including real estate, businesses, shares and cash options. Along with that, our focus is on the family as a strategic unit, where we apply our philosophies of well thought out estate planning, assets protection and risk cover insurances." Edge Specialist Advice Network has hundreds of clients in every corner of the country, and is expanding across the eastern coast of Australia.

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