Peter Marks, Relationship Manager

As a member of the Edge (AUST) Financial Services team, Peter Marks fulfils the role of Business Relationship Manager and Commercial Real Estate Advisor.

Peter boasts over 25 years' experience in various roles in the financial planning world including; a Collector Agent, AMP Life Insurance Agent and owning his own Financial Planning practice for more than 20 years, which was one of the leading Rural Australian Practices over that time.

To add to his versatile and impressive resume, Peter was the Planning and Development Portfolio Leader for the Toowoomba Regional Council. This role has helped nourish Peter's enthusiasm to lead Toowoomba from being a town to a city. 

It becomes apparent when you meet Peter, that he has a strong passion for guiding clients to help achieve their financial goals and therefore family dreams. This passion is married with utilising his skills and knowledge that he has gained over the multiple decades in the financial planning industry; including retirement planning, risk covers and using various investment tools to create wealth .

It's easy to understand that Peter's love for the evolving community doesn't stop at work. Peter's community involvement stretches as far back as his business accomplishments; his love for life is shown through his involvement in:

  • Rotaract & Rotary Clubs of Toowoomba;
  • Director of the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce; 
  • Member of the Toowoomba City Church; 
  • The Toowoomba Tennis Association; and
  • Past President of Toowoomba Downs Club. 

Peter always finds time for his four lovely grandchildren, beautiful wife, great wine selection and 'mean' motorbike collection. 

Though Peter "hung up the financial planning hat" in 2007, the love of the financial planning industry and the vital services it provides to individuals and families persuaded him back in an unofficial capacity. 

Peter's role as Business Relationship Manager compliments beautifully with his current external position as a Specialist Commercial Real Estate Agent. These roles combined have created a powerhouse of knowledge and understanding, which enables Peter to help clients to achieve their goals, providing exclusive insight into real estate investing and investment portfolios.

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