3 top tips for getting your house winter sale ready

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? March through to May are the most active months for prospective buyers, with 26.7 per cent of sales over the past 30 years transacting within this year, reports CoreLogic Australia.

Is your home market-ready? Check out these three tips to get your slice of Australian real estate fit for sale.

1. Brighten up a little

As we head into the cooler months, our daylight hours start to slip away a bit. For that reason, it's possible you won't be able to arrange viewings in the best light - especially if you're arranging evening sessions to accommodate a busy schedule.

When you open your home to potential buyers you really want to showcase it in its best light - pun intended. So, ensure all lights in your home are working and consider investing in a few lamps to brighten up the corners. This way, your property looks bright and welcoming and viewers get to see every aspect clearly.

2. Create a cosy home

Depending on where you're based in Australia, it's possible your home could get a little chilly in the evenings. In 2018, the Bureau of Meteorology predicts lows across the southern half of the country between three and nine degrees Celsius from April to June.

To combat the cold and present your property as a comfortable all-weather home, ensure you've turned the heating on in time for viewings. A fireplace - even a gas one - can really help to give the impression of warmth.

It may also pay to dress your home for the weather. Toss chunky knit or faux fur throws across the backs of couches, don't be shy of a shag pile rug and strategically place spiced or vanilla scented candles around the home. Soft furnishings and warm aromas can really seal the deal.

3. Don't forget the outdoors

While buyers will likely be spending more time inside in the coming months, they'll still want to know that they have a nice space outside when the weather comes right again.

Get out into the garden before the rain comes in and tidy things up. Pull out all your annual plants and separate perennials so they'll have plenty of space to grow in spring.

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