Women retire with 40% less in super than men

Women tend to live longer and have less super. But with the right support women can make their super last as long as they do.

Women have even more reason to take control of their retirement savings than men — women typically retire with 40% less super as they take time out to care for children and their elderly parents, and often work part time. Almost half of women believe they are unprepared for retirement and will struggle to make ends meet or even afford basic living expenses in retirement.1

What can women do to save their retirement?

Consolidate and top up your super: simple changes to your super can make a big difference. Finding your lost super and consolidating your savings can help top you up

Grow your super and protect your income stream: women currently aged 65 on average live to 87 years of age2 so growing your super and having an income stream that you won't outlive is important. We can help you grow your super and safeguard your income for life.

Maximise pre-tax contributions during higher income periods: additional contributions from your pre-tax salary or business income3 before and after any work breaks or periods of part-time employment are taxed at only 15%.

“Taking action on super can help women overcome some of the financial obstacles they face and ensure a better retirement.”

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