60% of our retirement income (on average) is generated after we retire.

So 'keeping active' is important in more ways than one.

What will it cost you to live the way you want after retirement? That's a question everyone planning for or in retirement needs to think about. If you already own your own home you may need as a couple around $1120 per week to live a comfortable lifestyle – that's just over $58,000 per year.5 The basic rate of Age Pension pays around $644 for a couple per week6 — that's $471 short per week for a comfortable retirement.

How can you boost your retirement income?

If you're investing in shares, choose companies with an income focus: you can invest in a portfolio of companies that generally pay out part of their profits as dividends. These are usually large, growing companies — often household names. So the value of your shares is likely to grow over the long term, and you'll also receive income to support your day-to-day expenses.

Build and protect your retirement stream: you can grow and protect your income for life. This means you'll have a reliable minimum income, exposure to growth assets and protection if the market falls.

“Investing for retirement isn't just about choosing an investment that will increase in value over time. It's also about making sure your investment pays you a regular income, so you can enjoy your retirement.”

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