The average Australian carries $50,000 in debt when they retire.

But you can make sure you have the income to cover your debt.

While retirement is supposed to be all about realising your dreams, many retirees still have debts to pay. If you're not going to take a lump sum out of super to pay off your debts, it's so important to make sure you're invested for capital growth and that you're generating an income that can cover your expenses and your debt.

How can you pay your debts and increase certainty?

Think about protecting your lump sum super savings: exposure to growth assets combined with capital protection of your portfolio is more likely to generate the long-term returns you need, without worrying about negative returns.

Grow and protect your retirement income stream: you can grow and protect your income for life. This means you'll have a reliable minimum income, exposure to growth assets and protection if the market falls.

“Many retirees still have debts to pay.”

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